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Check out the following helpful tips and resources designed to assist in accepting the right amount of financial aid.

2019-20 Financial Aid Required Readings

2018-19 Financial Aid Required Readings

It is your responsibility to read the Required Readings for additional information about your award. This guide will assist in providing detailed information about awarding parameters, types of financial aid, and much more. For a presentation of the Required Readings, please view our video of the Required Readings presentation.

Check out the First Year Financial Aid Guide for extra information and guidance!

Check out the 20-21 Award Mailer!


Accessing Your Award Notification 2019-20

How Much Aid to Accept 2019-20

Summer 2020 Financial Aid Information


Accessing Your Award Notification 2018-19

How Much Aid to Accept 2018-19

Summer 2019 Financial Aid Information


All awards are contingent upon the availability of federal, state, institutional, and private funding.