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Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Inaugural UNI Financial Aid Summit

The UNI Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships will be hosting the inaugural UNI Financial Aid Summit on Thursday, February 8. This summit is designed for faculty and staff that would like to learn more about how financial aid works at UNI and what they can learn that would impact their students. The session agenda and topics are listed below.

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Overview of Financial Aid at UNI





Basics of Financial Aid
Scholarship Awarding




Enrollment & Financial Aid
Student Employment







  • Student Opportunities
  • Enrollment & Consortiums
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy
  • Military & Veteran Student Benefits
  • Summer Financial Aid
  • Billing & Student Accounts Information
  • What we can do for you
  • "Ask Your Questions"

Opening Speaker:

Director of Financial Aid, Tim Bakula, will provide an overview of financial aid at UNI. He will include information on the impact of the office, how the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships can work with you, and understanding Financial Literacy at UNI.

Panel on Helping Students Struggling:

A panel will be held with representatives from the Dean of Students, Office of the Registrar, Department of Residence, and Financial Aid to discuss the resources available to students facing personal issues that could effect their ability to fund schooling. The panel will also discuss the impact of withdrawing, as well. You will have an opportunity to ask questions during this time.

Breakout #1: Basics of Financial Aid:

This Financial Aid 101 presentation will cover the basics of how a student is eligible for and receives aid. We will also discuss the financial aid process and timeline for aid awarding at UNI.

Breakout #1: Scholarship Awarding:

Scholarship Awarding is a presentation geared towards faculty and staff on campus that award foundation or institutional scholarships. Information will be shared on the timeline, process, and various resources utilized in effectively awarding university scholarships.

Breakout #2: Student Employment:

This joint presentation between Career Services and Financial Aid will discuss the basics of student employment at UNI, hiring student employees, and understanding Federal Work-Study.

Breakout #2: Enrollment & Financial Aid:

In this presentation, learn about the impact of enrollment on students' aid eligibility. Topics covered will include dropping a course, taking time off for an internship, repeating coursework, and Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Roundtable Topics & "Ask Financial Aid":

During our final session, you will have the opportunity to stop at several roundtables to gather information and ask questions in 10 minute rotations. If you don't have a specific topic, financial aid staff will have a table set up for you to ask your questions. Roundtable topics include:

  • Student Opportunities (ex. Study Abroad, Internships, etc.)
  • Enrollment & Consortium Agreements
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Military & Veteran Benefits
  • Summer Financial Aid
  • University Billing
  • What we can do for you
  • "Ask Your Questions"