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For Supervisors

In this section, you will find different resources meant to assist supervisors in carrying out day to day student employment processes, as well to assist in promoting the development of our student employees. The student employment office is always open to suggestions. If there is a resource that you would like to see here that is not currently available, or if you have a document that you utilize in your own office that is particularly helpful to you that you would like to share, please contact our office at

Supervisor Manual


Below is a listing of different checklists that are meant to guide you in completing everyday employment processes. Please contact our office if there is a checklist that you would like to see linked here.

Sample Applications for Student Employment

Here you will find a listing of generic applications that you may utilize and adapt to meet your department's needs. There is also a listing of interview questions that has been approved by Human Resource Services, to assist you in your interview processes. These questions may also be utilized to supplement applications.

Performance Evaluations

A performance appraisal is a critical part of the career development process for students. It affords student employees and supervisors the rare opportunity for dialogue and feedback regarding on the job performance as well as other issues related to the workplace. It is a means of analyzing an employee's on the job successes and failures, personal strengths and weaknesses, and is also a means for identifying areas for further training. Please feel free to utilize and adapt the resources below to meet your individual department's needs.

Disciplinary Action

While none of us wish to encounter problems with employees, there are times when there are misunderstandings or a student staff member fails to meet the expectations of the hiring department. The Student Employment Office strongly suggests that employers take necessary steps to help the student understand their area of weakness and assist them in growing and developing in the workplace. The goal of the hiring department should be to foster constructive feedback and to identify the specific areas of performances that need improvement. We recommend that the employer document all meetings and provide the student with documentation clearly stating the problem(s), course(s) of action and consequences should the student fail to meet the expectations. Remember, clearly identifying expectations from the start can help avoid disciplinary action in the future.

Recommended steps for student staff development:

  1. Meet with the student to review their job description and expectations.

  2. Acknowledge both the student's strengths and weaknesses.

  3. Discuss steps to improve the student's performance, including an expected time frame for improvement.

  4. Inform the student that failure to meet these expectations may, or will result in dismissal.

  5. If you must terminate a student, always provide the student with documentation explaining the reason(s) for the termination.

"Clearly identifying expectations from the start can help avoid disciplinary action in the future."

Please see the link below for the Student Employment Office's recommended progressive discipline procedure. Please note that this IS NOT a required course of action. We would like to leave all disciplinary procedures up to the discretion of the individual hiring departments, however, in efforts to aid in the development our student employees, the use of progressive discipline is highly recommended.