Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

I'm a Scholarship Administrator

Awarding Scholarships

This webpage will serve as a resource for faculty and staff that utilize "My Administrative Access" transactions on MyUNIverse

Requesting Transactions for Administering Scholarships

Financial Resources for Students: FW90

Reports for Scholarship Awarding: FW09

Search Scholarship Applications: FW10

Scholarship Directory Maintenance: FW04

The Scholarship Coordinator Resources link will provide scholarship administrators with the awarding timeline, guidelines for administering scholarships, a sample offer letter, information on how to calculate financial need, cost of attendance, and a sample letter to use when thanking donors (should be included with each scholarship offer).  

If you will be issuing a one time payment to a student that you would like to use your general fund account (0011) for and don't already have an item type set up, please follow these steps:

  • Complete a budget transfer from the department/college general fund account to Financial Aid

  • Complete a roster on the FW90 transaction using the Financial Aid item type number

  • Complete the Conflict of Interest Form and return it to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

For scholarship administration questions, please contact Staci Mueller at or Kristin Johnson at


Key for FW09 reports for EFC changes: Per FERPA guidelines, we have now masked the EFC on FW09 reports to respect a student's privacy of their education record. The column that displays EFC will now read the following instead. The key is below:


High - Pell grant eligible - 0-5,846

Medium - Iowa Resident - 5,847-21,406

Medium - Out-of-state/Non-resident - 5,847 - 32,109

None - Iowa Resident - EFC is above 21,406

None - Out-of-state/Non-resident - EFC is above 32,109


If it is blank, a student has not filed a FAFSA for that particular aid year. You can re-run your reports to try and pick up new students who have filed the FAFSA.