Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Study Abroad Information Sheet


Financial Aid Tips 

  • Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at least three months prior to the beginning of your study abroad program.  Students studying abroad in the summer who want to receive financial aid must also complete a and be enrolled in at least 5 hours undergrad/4 hours graduate. Summer Financial Aid Application
  • Once your financial aid award has been created, review it closely.  If you feel your program requires more aid than you’re being offered, you can make an appointment with Elizabeth Minard in the Office of Student Financial Aid.  Please bring with you an up-to-date   This information is available from your program coordinator or the Study Abroad office.  After meeting with Elizabeth, our staff will review your information and determine if an increase in your budget will be necessary for your study abroad program.  If a revised award is needed, our office will send you an updated award on MyUNIverse. Program Cost Sheet to your appointment.
  • Accepted financial aid (loans, scholarships, and/or grants) will credit to your account on the first billing cycle of the term.  Refunds will be direct deposited into your bank account (see Office of Business Operations Tips below) or held for two weeks and then mailed to your local address if you are not signed up for direct deposit.
  • If you are borrowing a Direct Loan for the first time, you must complete and sign a Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling.  Without these forms, your loan will not credit your U-Bill.

 *You will also need to accept your loans electronically on your Financial Aid Award Notification via MyUNIverse.

  • If you need assistance with program costs incurred prior to the disbursement of funds, please schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor.  
  • The Office of Student Financial Aid makes every effort to assist you in financing your trip.  However, should unforeseen problems arise which cannot be resolved prior to the end of the term, you are ultimately responsible for paying the expenses incurred during the trip.

 Office of Business Operations Tips (103 Gilchrist)

  • To make arrangements for UNI to directly deposit refunds please register via MyUNIverse, under  the Finances tab within the “Direct Deposit Sign-Up” box.
  • You are strongly encouraged to give a parent or other responsible adult Power of Attorney to sign legal documents on your behalf while you are abroad.  An individual granted Power of Attorney has the authority to sign any educational forms, including any loan applications that may be needed.    
  • You can view your U-bill on “My UNIverse” under the Finances tab.

 Registrar’s Office Tips (115 Gilchrist)  

  • For the semester you are overseas, keep your local address blank on the Registrar’s address system.  This will allow all university correspondence to be mailed to your home address.  To make any address changes, go to the Registrar’s Office or the link on MyUNIverse under the My Page tab. Update My Personal Information
  • Be sure you have registered through UNI for the appropriate course(s) before you leave.  Verify registration with the Registrar’s office or through the Registration Information link on MyUNIverse.  

 ***Funds are disbursed only when enrollment is displayed on the UNI Student Information System***