Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Management

Personal Finance Information

Housing Calculator: Compare and calculate the cost of living on or off campus.

Budgeting: Steps to help control your finances and avoid financial troubles.

Credit Cards: Understand the benefits and pitfalls of credit cards.

Credit Report: The decisions you make during college can have a positive or negative impact on your financial future. Your financial decisions are recorded in your credit report, which is used to generate your credit score.

Credit Score: Your credit score can affect loan and credit card approval and interest rates, a landlord’s decision to rent an apartment or house to you, a company’s decision to allow you to start a new phone plan, and in some cases, employers use credit scores to make hiring decisions.

Financial Planning: Simple steps that can get you onto the right track for financial success.

Identity Theft and Preventing Fraud: Identity fraud is one of the nation's fastest growing crimes. Although most people are aware of it, research shows that consumers and businesses are not taking the necessary steps to fully protect themselves. The best way to fight fraud is to prevent it.