Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Panther CashCourse Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete my Financial Literacy Requirement?

There are two options to complete your Financial Literacy Requirement. You only have to complete one of the options listed below to fulfill this requirement.

  1. Live Like a Student. Live Like a Student is a free, 3-week, zero-credit financial literacy course. There are multiple sections offered in the fall. Students receive a t-shirt and for each class period attended, they are entered into a drawing for a $500 scholarship. Enroll online at

  2. Panther CashCourse. Panther CashCourse is a free, online course offered through eLearning. It includes articles, learning modules, quizzes, and calculators. All incoming freshmen students have access to this course through their eLearning page.

How do I complete Panther CashCourse?

Please refer to the Panther CashCourse Syllabus on eLearning in the folder titled, START HERE: Instructions, Information & Syllabus. There are also step-by-step instructions listed within each module.

The first thing you should do is complete the Panther CashCourse Pre-Assessment. This will release the four modules. After completing all four modules (including all four module quizzes), the Panther CashCourse Post-Assessment will be released. The Post-Assessment is the final requirement to complete Panther CashCourse.

Are the module quizzes on the CashCourse website or on eLearning?

The required module quizzes are on eLearning, NOT the CashCourse website. After completing the required tasks within each module (e.g., reading the articles, completing the activities, etc.), you must click "Mark Reviewed" on the bottom of the page. This will release the module quiz. You must complete all four module quizzes on eLearning before the Panther CashCourse Post-Assessment will be released. 

I’ve completed Panther CashCourse, but I still have a Financial Literacy Requirement listed in my To-Do List on MyUNIverse. What do I do?

Check to make sure you have completed the Panther CashCourse Post-Assessment. You must complete this Post-Assessment to fully complete Panther CashCourse.

Our office runs weekly reports to see who has completed Panther CashCourse. We then manually remove checklist items. Please allow 1-2 weeks after completing Panther CashCourse for your Financial Literacy Requirement To-Do List item to be removed. If it has been longer than two weeks, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Will I receive a grade for Panther CashCourse or Live Like a Student?

No, you will not receive a grade for Panther CashCourse or Live Like a Student and it will not impact your GPA. Panther CashCourse and Live Like a Student are free, non-graded classes.

When do I need to have my Financial Literacy Requirement completed?

The Financial Literacy Requirement should be completed by the end of the Fall semester of your freshman year.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions, please contact the course instructor, Jennifer Sullivan, or contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.