Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

SAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and the Appeal Process

Is third party documentation required for the SAP appeal?

Documentation to support your appeal is strongly encouraged and will help strengthen your appeal. However, if you do not have documentation, you may still submit an appeal. Examples of third party documentation can be found on our website: SAP Additional Information.

Do the appeal forms need to be signed?

If you (the student) are unable to physically sign your appeal form, you may submit your appeal form via email without a signature as long as you send it from your UNI student email address.

If the advisor is unable to physically sign the Plan of Study, the advisor may email the Plan of Study as long as it comes from the advisor's email address.

Please email all appeal forms to

How do I submit my appeal forms?

There are multiple options for submitting appeal forms:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 319-273-6950
  • Mail: address on the bottom of the form
  • Drop them off at the Financial Aid Office - 105 Gilchrist Hall

Can I still attend UNI if I am not meeting the SAP standards and my financial aid has been suspended?

Yes. Financial aid suspension does not prevent students from attending UNI; it only prevents students from receiving financial aid. Please remember that students may always submit an appeal if their financial aid has been suspended. If their appeal is approved, their financial aid will be reinstated.

Does the SAP policy relate to my academic standing?

No. The SAP Policy is separate from the Office of the Registrar Academic Standing Policy. SAP determines financial aid eligibility and is unrelated to academic standing.

How does academic forgiveness impact SAP?

SAP is not reset because of academic forgiveness. Per federal regulations, total enrollment history is taken into account and all previously attempted credits and grades are included when SAP is evaluated.

How do my transfer credits affect my SAP standing?

Transfer credits are included in your total cumulative GPA, and count toward the maximum time to complete a degree. Most transfer credits do not count towards the pace of progression requirement. Transfer credits that do count toward the pace of progression are credits earned through Study Abroad, National Student Exchange, and consortium agreement credits.

How are repeated courses evaluated for SAP?

Each semester the student repeats a course, it is counted as credit hours attempted. Repeated course hours are counted as completed the first time the course is passed. Other times the course is taken, the hours are counted as attempted but not completed, which negatively affects your pace of progression.

Am I eligible for a Private Education Loan if I'm not meeting SAP standards?

The financial aid programs impacted by SAP include, but are not limited to, all federal, state, and institutional aid, and private education loans. However, if you complete an appeal and your appeal is denied, you may explore private education loan options to pay your university bill. You must check with private lenders to determine if they offer loans to students not meeting SAP requirements. For more information, please review our website: Private Education Loans.