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Transfer Student Information

Transferring Financial Aid to UNI

Want to transfer to UNI but are unsure of the steps necessary to receive your financial aid?  The following information will allow you to better understand financial opportunities for transfer students. 

The first step to ensuring that you will receive financial aid is to complete the FAFSA each year that you will be attending college. To complete an online FAFSA you will need to have your Federal Student Aid ID. The FAFSA for the upcoming academic year is available October 1.  Students should enter the UNI School Code: 001890 to allow your FAFSA results to be submitted to UNI.

NOTE: Students considering a mid-year transfer would want to also complete or update the current year FAFSA. The electronic transfer of FAFSA results can be completed online by logging into an already submitted FAFSA and adding or deleting your School Code. 

Types of Financial Aid

Transfer students are eligible for grants, scholarships, loans and student employment opportunities based on the results of their FAFSA.  Please visit our Types of Aid link to learn more about all forms of financial aid.  Financial aid information specific to transfer students is outlined below:


Grants are considered "gift aid" and do not have to be repaid. Eligibility for grants is determined by the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), as calculated on the FAFSA.  

Tuition Guarantee Program for Multicultural Community College Iowans:  This program provides two year commitment of full tuition and fees provided through a combination of federal, state, and institutional grants and scholarships. The applicant must be an Iowa resident, must be Pell Grant eligible as determined by the FAFSA throughout two years for continued eligibility, must have 30 transferable hours from an Iowa Community College, and requires ethnic or racial status of African American/Black, Hispanic/Latina/Spanish, Alaskan Native or American Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.

Learn more about grants offered at UNI.   


See our page on scholarships for transfer students for more information.


If you are wanting to borrow loans at UNI you will need to accept them on your Financial Aid Award on MyUNIverse.  You will also need to complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling at  If you have borrowed Direct Loans at your previous college you will not have to complete another Direct Loan Master Promissory Note.  If a student is a first-time borrower, they will need to complete Direct Loan promissory notes and entrance counseling at

Loan Deferment

Direct Loans that have been borrowed at previous institutions will be automatically deferred once you are officially enrolled at UNI.  Be sure to contact all other lenders to inform them that you have transferred and they will provide you with information regarding how your loan can be deferred.  

Student Employment

As a transfer student, there exist a number of benefits to student employment at UNI. An on-campus work experience would allow you to quickly become integrated within the UNI community, in addition to networking with faculty and staff. Hours of employment are extremely flexible, with student typically working 10-15 hours per week on campus.

Student employment opportunities can be found at the Online Job Board, where you’ll be able to view both on and off campus, work-study and non-work study opportunities.