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Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Direct Loan Borrowing Limits

The following chart provides maximum annual (fall, spring and summer) and aggregate loan limits for Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loans.


 Dependent Undergraduate Student

 Independent Undergraduate Student (and dependent students whose parents are unable to borrow PLUS Loans)

Graduate Student

 Freshman (0-29 hrs)

 $5,500 ($3,500) *

 $9,500 ($3,500)*

$20,500 (Graduate students are no longer eligible for Subsidized Loans as of July 1, 2012)

 Sophomore (30-59 hrs)

 $6,500 ($4,500)*

 $10,500 ($4,500)*

 Junior/Senior (60+ hrs)

 $7,500 ($5,500)*

 $12,500 ($5,500)*

 2nd BA/ Teacher Licensure


 $12,500 ($5,500)*

 Maximum Total Debt from Stafford Loans (aggregate loan limits)

 $31,000 ($23,000)*

 $57,500 ($23,000)*


*The numbers in parentheses represent the maximum amount that may be subsidized.

The loan amounts listed above cannot exceed your cost of attendance minus other financial aid received. Loan proceeds exceeding university charges are disbursed to the student as a refund by direct deposit to the student’s designated bank account. Mid-year graduating students (December) may only borrow a portion of their annual loan limit.