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Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

International Student Q & A

Q: What should be entered in the Social Security # section of the I9 if the student doesn't possess a valid SSN?
A: Supervisors should enter “Applied For.” Temporary numbers should never be used on governmental forms.

Q: Does a new I9 need to be completed upon a student receiving valid SSN?
A: No

Q: Are there countries that have tax treaties that can withhold a student’s ability to be paid?
A: If the student's country has a tax treaty with the U.S., the student will still be paid. However, the tax treaty exemption cannot be considered until the international student has obtained a SSN. A copy of the tax treaty application has to be sent to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS accepts only "real" SSN and will not accept temporary tracking numbers. Thus, Federal and State taxes will be withheld from the student's paycheck until a copy of their SSN is provided.

Q: Is there a deadline by which a student must have their actual SSN?
A: As long as the student entered the US with a visa status that allows them to work, they should not have a problem receiving a valid social SSN. You may hire the student and the student may begin work, but the student should meet with Janice Rogers and follow the SSN application procedure as soon as possible. The student must provide a valid social security card to Payroll 6-10 weeks after start date. If the student does not provide a valid social security card to Payroll they will be contacted to review the status. If they cannot show proof that they have applied for a SSN within a reasonable time, the department will be contacted to begin termination procedures.

Q: What needs to happen when international students receive their official SSN?
A: They need to take the original SS Card to Jan Rogers (Business Operations) for her to make a copy.

Q: What should departments do with back timecards as a result of the student not having a valid SSN yet?
A: Payroll collects and keeps the hours of the students that are not paid due to an invalid SSN.